apple iPhone 9 aka SE2

Apple iPhone9 aka SE 2: Specs, Release date, Rumors.

Apple about to launch iPhone 9 / iPhone SE2

Apple went ahead and launched its first mid-range phone iPhone SE back in 2016 with its Apple A9 dual-core chipset, and it was discontinued in September 2018. This year it is rumored that Apple will be coming with its successor.

When Apple launched iPhone XR in September 2018, everyone thought this would replace the iPhone SE, but the phone came with a higher price tag. Apple is trying to fill in this gap with its new iPhone SE 2, aka iPhone 9, and it will benefit Apple in many ways.

There are a lot more options available in android for every consumer, but when it comes to Apple, there are very few, or you have to buy an iPhone, which was launched two-three years back.

Before iPhone SE, Apple launched iPhone 5c to attract this mid-range market, and it really helped them as well, but again the iPhone 5C was launched in Sep 2013.

The market trend and people are not trying to spend so much on the premium devices look at OnePlus for the stats. This particular company kept its eye on the mid-range market, and it helped them to grow.

We believe that this iPhone SE 2 will be directly competing with the latest offerings from OnePlus, basically the OnePlus 8 lite.

As per the rumors suggests that OnePlus is planning to launch its new lineup in somewhere around March. OnePlus will be launching OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Lite, OnePlus 8 Pro as per the leaks.

The rumors about iPhone 9 / iPhone SE2

The rumors are growing around the new budget phone, and that is iPhone SE2, aka iPhone 9, as per the leaks suggest that this version of the iPhone will be announced by Q1 2020 somewhere around mid-march.

The data got leaked by Evan Blass via Twitter that the iPhone SE 2, aka iPhone 9, will be launched somewhere in the middle of March.

The rumors are coming from TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and according to the latest leaks, Apple might launch this phone in April 2020.

We saw the original iPhone SE back in 2016, and Apple is now introducing its successor this year, which is a massive gap as per the industry standards, and we believe that it will be the cheapest iPhone till date.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 Specifications.

Apple isn’t going to put its top of the line tech in this particular model, and there will be some downgrades in this phone in term of the specifications.

There will be no face unlock or multiple cameras, but surprisingly we might be able to see the latest A13 Bionic chip in this phone, which is the fastest CPU on the planet for a phone right now. Apple iPhone SE2 might have 64 GB storage and 3GB RAM.

Apple managed to put 8.5 billion transistors in the A13, an increase of over 23 percent to its A12 chip. This chip is 20% larger, and this is not the most significant chip ever the A12X found in the new iPad Pro has over 10 million transistors.

This new version of the iPhone will look a lot like iPhone 8 and will be having upgraded internals. iPhone 8 also had a 4.7-inch display and was powered with Apple A11 Bionic chipset, which had Hexa-core CPU. Instead of Face ID, Apple will be putting a fingerprint scanner, aka Touch ID, to keep the price low.

The sources say that this phone will be powered by Apple’s in house A13 Bionic Processor. The iPhone SE 2 will be having only one camera unit on its back, with no info available about the front sensor.

The iPhone SE 2 might support a single-camera sensor, and it might be the 12 MP sensor with the support of 4K video recording. Like iPhone 8, it will be able to shoot videos at 60 frames per second.

iPhone SE 2 will have a 4.7-inch IPS LCD retina display with a 750 x 1334 resolution with 326 pixels per inch. The design of this phone follows the footprints of the iPhone 8, which means the display of the iPhone SE2 will be sharper and vivid.

The reason for launching the Mid-range iPhone?

The market trend says it all, and every other smartphone company is ruling this mid-range segment. The current iPhone lineup doesn’t seem to offer any solution to it. Most importantly, Apple saw a dip in the company’s profit.

The top-selling phone from apple was iPhone XR. This mid-range market segment can create a significant shift for Apple, and we think ill will help Apple to grab even more substantial market share.

“We cannot ignore the corona-virus impact on Chinese manufacturers. Thus, we might see a delay in the launch of the iPhone 9, aka SE2.”

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