iPhone 12 Problems : All you need to know.

There are some minor iPhone 12 problems that I wanted to address the best features and the biggest flaws of the iPhone 12.

If your next phone is going to be the iPhone 12 then this article is going to help you.

Apple iPhone 12 is the best-suited phone for most of us, not the iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max as it has all the necessary features.

The iPhone 12 has a smaller battery compared to the last version and some iPhone 12 Users Report Problems With High Battery Drain.

A14 Bionic is the best ARM based processor Apple has ever produced.

See the results.

A14 Bionic Performance

CPU Performance


GPU Performance


Battery life


AnTuTu 8


A14 Bionic 

iPhone 12 Specifications

Let’s start with the design.

If you don’t like the boxy design of the iPhone 12 then you might want to go with the iPhone 11.

The design is not bad but the sharp edges can cause you some pain during longer usage. A good case can definitely help you with this problem.

The side rails on the Pro and Pro max can get easily covered in fingerprints.

iPhone 12 doesn’t attract fingerprints very easily unlike the other Pro models.


The iPhone 12 offers a lot of things just like the Pro models except for the extra lens at a much lower price.

A normal person wouldn’t be able to see the difference, but if you’re coming from brands like Samsung S20 and Oneplus 8 then the absence of a 120Hz refresh rate might bother you.

The telephoto lens is missing on the iPhone 12, and its main purpose is to expose the detail.

The wide-angle and the ultrawide is more than enough for any situation.

A telephoto lens is useful to capture objects that are very far away if you want that feature then you can buy the iPhone 12 Pro.

The night mode feature on this phone really helps in dark environments.

Apart from the telephoto lens, the photo taken with the night mode looks nice.

Problems With MagSafe

The mag safe is here and it was the most awaited feature of the current iPhone lineup.

iPhone 12 Problems with MagSafe

The MagSafe has its own drawbacks like it attaches to your phone and this is what I feel wrong about it.

Wireless charging means you have to put your phone on a charging pad and it charges.

In wireless charging no wires are involved but with the MagSafe, it’s completely opposite, it latches with your phone and it is one of the problems with iPhone 12.

Apple marketed MagSafe with other options as well like you can attach your wallet to it.

But again it is not a reliable option to attach the wallet on to the MagSafe.

Every time you slide your phone in or out of your pocket, it is possible that the wallet could come off of your phone.

There are always third-party accessories available that are very good than Apple’s original ones.

Let’s see things from the Android user’s perceptive.

My biggest disappointment with the iPhone 12 is that it doesn’t support the 120Hz refresh rate.

There are other Android smartphones that have this feature at a very less cost.

If you are an Andriod user and now want to switch to the iPhone then you will face problems with certain apps.

Some users have reported screen flickering issue and a green tint and other colour error in the phone’s display.

iphone 12 flickering screen problems
Source: GSMarena

There is no Google Drive integration in Whatsapp and it is a real pain as the data on the iPhone only gets stored on the iCloud.

There are apps available that will help you with data migration but you have to pay the amount.

There is no charger in the box.

I know we all have at least one charger in our homes but the problem here is that Apple has provided a charging cable in the box and that too has a Type C port.

The chargers that are lying in our homes support Type A standard and in this situation, you will need an adapter or a completely new charger.

This might cause more electronic waste than Apple was expecting while abandoning the charger from its box.

The Ecosystem Trap

If you do not have an Apple laptop or MAC desktop then transferring your photos, and files may cause you a headache.

iPhone 12 Problems and ecosystem

File transferring system is really a pain on the iPhone if you don’t have a spare Apple system and it is one of the problems with iPhone 12.

If you have a Macbook or iMac then you might not face the problems like file sharing and syncing your data across the platform.

When it comes to product integration Apple does it better than anyone else.

Once you get used to this “Ecosystem” it is harder to go back to the Android.

Apple products don’t integrate well with the Android system and that is why you should plan well before switching to the iPhone and it is one of the problems with iPhone 12.

Apple is working towards solving these small problems with their products and most of the inspiration comes from Android itself.

If you’re someone who’s planning to buy just the iPhone 12 then this article will help you

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