Oneplus Nord vs Oneplus 7T: The Key Differences.

Oneplus Nord vs Oneplus 7T: Both phones come with a slight price difference, which is not that much.

Many people are thinking about which to choose due to the price difference.

There are many doubts, including processor, camera, and overall performance.

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CPU Performance

Oneplus Nord-Snapdragon 765G


Oneplus 7T-Snapdragon 855


Gaming Performance

Oneplus Nord-Snapdragon 765G


Oneplus 7T-Snapdragon 855


Oneplus Nord vs Oneplus 7T Design.

Both phones come with the support of Gorilla glass version 5 on the front and the back.

The difference here is the design and frame. The Oneplus 7T comes with an aluminum frame, and Oneplus Nord has a plastic frame.

Personally, I like the camera layout on the Oneplus 7T. Still, Nord carries the design language of other Chinese phones like Oppo and Realme.

Ports and buttons are the same on both phones. Most importantly, both phones lack the 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • Oneplus 7T comes with stereo speakers, whereas Oneplus Nord has mono speakers.
  • The Oneplus 7T gives you more clearness in terms of audio output.

The back panel one 7T comes with a frosted finish, which gives it a clean look.

Nord doesn’t have a frosted finish, and it carries lots of fingerprints.

Oneplus Nord vs Oneplus 7T Display.

Oneplus 7T has a bigger display compared to Oneplus Nord.

  • Both the smartphones come with a fluid AMOLED display, which refreshes at 90Hz.
  • The display on the Oneplus 7T looks more attractive, and it has a waterdrop style notch.

Nord is using punch hole cutouts for its selfie camera placements.

I like the display on the Oneplus 7T as it has a smaller notch, which goes unnoticed.

The Oneplus 7T weighs 190 grams as the Oneplus Nord 184 grams.

Both smartphones support a 90Hz refresh rate and HDR 10 certification.

Viewing experiences are a little better on Oneplus 7T than the Oneplus Nord.

Oneplus Nord vs Oneplus 7T Biometrics and Sensors.

Both phones have faster in-display fingerprint readers, and there is no difference in terms of speed.

  • The face unlock feature works very well on both of these devices, but the Oneplus Nord is a little slower to wake the display when compared to the 7T.
  • The placement of the fingerprint reader is better on the Oneplus Nord.

All the important sensors are present on both the phones, including a proximity sensor, electronic compass, and an ambient light sensor.

The adaptive brightness feature works faster on the Oneplus Nord.

Oneplus Nord vs Oneplus 7T Camera.

There is not much notable difference in-camera, and most of the difference can be seen in the post-processed pictures.

This difference occurs because of the different processors.

The pictures look sharp and crisp on the Oneplus 7T, and the dynamic range is also better on 7T.

The Gcam mod provides better pictures on Oneplus 7T.

Portrait shots look good on both the phones but in terms of edge detection and blurring, the Oneplus 7T works better.

  • Oneplus Nord performs better in terms of selfies. It also has an Ultra wide option, which is missing in Oneplus 7T.
  • Pictures on the night mode look nice, and photos on Oneplus Nord appear more polished.
  • The video stability is better on Oneplus 7T, and it also comes with the 4K 60fps option.

Oneplus 7T is a clear winner in terms of camera performance.

Oneplus Nord vs Oneplus 7T Performance.

The Oneplus 7T has Snapdragon 855+ with an octa-core CPU, which is clocked at 2.96GHz.

The Snapdragon 855+ lacks the 5G support.

Oneplus Nord has Snapdragon 765G processor with octa-core Cpu, and it is clocked at 2.5GHz.

There is a more significant difference in storage speed.

  • Oneplus 7T comes with the USB 3.1 gen 2 port, whereas Oneplus Nord comes with the USB 2.1.
  • Oneplus Nord lacks USB functionality like HDMI support, and you can only connect USB drives.
  • The Oneplus Nord comes with the UFS 2.1 support, which is slower compared to UFS 3.0, which is available on Oneplus 7T.

The Oneplus 7T has the capability of connecting the HDMI cable, and you can use a USB mouse and keyboards as well. You’ll be getting faster data transfer speed on this phone.

Due to this slight change in memory speed, Oneplus 7T feels faster.

In terms of gaming, the Oneplus 7T performs very well, and it also supports the 90Hz refresh rate while playing PUBG.

The frame rate is locked at 45fps on Oneplus Nord.

The Oneplus 7T gives you better overall gameplay in comparison with Oneplus Nord.

Oneplus Nord vs Oneplus 7T Software.

Both phones share the same software, and the experience is also the same.

The Oneplus Nord doesn’t support the stock Oneplus dialer and messaging app, and it instead uses Google’s communication suite.

  • Oneplus has promised to give regular OS updates on both of these devices.
  • The Oxygen Os built on top of Android feels faster, and it gives you so many customizations.

The Oneplus Nord might get the OS updates for a longer period of time compared to Oneplus 7T.

Oneplus Nord vs Oneplus 7T Battery.

The Nord has a bigger battery than Oneplus 7T, and the software optimization is better on the Nord.

Battery life

Oneplus Nord-Snapdragon 765G


Oneplus 7T-Snapdragon 855


Both Oneplus 7T and Nord comes with the Warp charger 30T, and there is not much charging differences.

The Nord comes with a 4115mAh battery and can charge 100% in 55 min.

  • Oneplus 7T has a 3800mAh battery, and it supports fast charging 30W, which can charge the phone 100% in just 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • Nord can give you 5hr 50 mins with the 90hz refresh rate on, and Oneplus 7T can provide you 5hr of battery backup with the same 90hz smoother refresh rate.

You get a slightly better battery life on Oneplus Nord.

Oneplus Nord vs Oneplus 7T Conclusion.

Let’s talk about which phone you should buy.

There is a price difference, and it is not that much; if you can afford the Oneplus Nord, then the 7T is not that expensive.

The 5G technology is not available in India, and personally, I do not want a 5G phone.

There are some other factors as well, including design, camera, processor, and most importantly, cost.

The Oneplus 7T provides better overall packages, and it is a good smartphone with a better camera.

Oneplus 7T will also benefit you in the gaming as well.

AnTuTu Benchmark 8

Oneplus Nord-Snapdragon 765G


Oneplus 7T-Snapdragon 855 


The highlights of Oneplus 7T.

  • UFS 3.0 storage support
  • Processor
  • Design
  • Camera

If you can bear the price difference which comes with Oneplus 7T, then I’ll suggest you pick Oneplus7T.

For me, it doesn’t matter if the phone has a plastic frame or metal, and 5G is not going to be here any soon.

Your only wish is to have an Oneplus phone, then the Oneplus Nord is the right choice for you. It will fulfill all your daily needs, and Oneplus is working to give you a 90Hz smooth experience.

There is a slight difference in terms of display on both phones. Both phones offer a 90hz refresh rate. OnePlus Nord is powered by Snapdragon 765G processor that comes with 5G support.

Oneplus Nord and Oneplus 7 both have pricing differences and overall Oneplus 7T is a good package to go for. 5G is available on Oneplus Nord but it is useless as of now.

Oneplus 7T has a 90Hz refresh rate screen, and it supports HDR that makes it ideal for media consumption. OnePlus 7T is a value for money smartphone.

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