Oneplus Nord vs Samsung S10 Lite. Which Phone is best for you?

Oneplus Nord vs Samsung S10 Lite.

When it comes to buying a budget-friendly phone there are so many options to choose from and in this article, I’m going to compare two budget phones.

Both phones offer great value for their respective price points. Oneplus Nord created a lot of buzz in the tech community with its pricing and specifications.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is priced a bit higher compared to the Oneplus Nord.

But if you take a look at the spec sheet then you will know the difference.

Samsung S10 Lite


Oneplus Nord


The bigger distinction between the two devices is the Operating System. Both use Android OS with a different user interface.

The OneUI 2 on Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite feels faster and has a well-optimized user interface.

On the other hand, The Oneplus Nord has Oxygen OS which is built on top of the Android OS.

The Oxygen OS also feels faster due to its optimization and there is no added bloatware.

In terms of overall performance, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite wins the game.

I’ll share the in-depth details about both phones and hopefully, you’ll be able to clear your confusion about which one to choose.

Let’s start with the design.

The Galaxy S10 Lite has a 6.7 inch Super AMOLED Plus display that supports HDR10+ as well. The display on the Galaxy S10 Lite looks more stunning when you switch the color mode from natural to vivid.

The OneUI 2 skin, which is running on top of Android 10 brings lots of refinements.

The only disappointment with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is that its plastic back panel. It is very confusing why Samsung skipped the pure glass construction and still call it an “S series” phone.

We all know the S series phones and how premium they are. While using the Galaxy S10 Lite almost feels like the other “A series” phones.

The 90Hz refresh rate is missing on the Galaxy S10 Lite with is really disappointing.

The Oneplus Nord has a glass back but the frame is plastic.

The display on the Oneplus Nord is FHD+ 90Hz 6.44 inch which has fluid AMOLED technology.

Gorilla Glass 5 is here for better display protection.

The display with a 90Hz refresh rate and AMOLED technology looks stunning.

The brightness is not that great but it gets the work done.

When it comes to the design of Oneplus Nord there is nothing much to dislike about this phone. The design feels more premium for this price range. Oneplus Nord is very light and slim.

The headphone jack is missing on this phone and that’s a bummer.

Oneplus Nord has dual sim support but there is no MicroSD support and that is not good as the base variant has 64GB storage.

The bottom-firing speakers are not much louder but they are very clear and the sound quality is very good.

Performance: Snapdragon 855 vs Snapdragon 765G 5G

I’m very happy that Samsung preferred Snapdragon 855 over the Exynos processor.

Snapdragon processors perform better compared to the Exynos processors.

CPU Performance

Snapdragon 855


Snapdragon 765G


The Snapdragon 855 is a flagship-grade processor and it is a bit old and it outperforms the Exynos 990 which is available in the Galaxy S20.

Starting from your daily activities, multitasking, memory management everything runs smoother on this phone.

The gaming performance also gets a boost and that is due to constant software updates from Samsung.

When it comes to CPU performance the SD 855 is a clear winner here, and in terms of the GPU, the SD 855 easily beats the Snapdragon 765G.

GPU Performance

Snapdragon 855


Snapdragon 765G


The Snapdragon 765G is more future proof when it comes to the 5G technology. Snapdragon 765G has an integrated 5G modem.

AnTuTu 8

Snapdragon 855


Snapdragon 765G


Camera Performance

Oneplus Nord has the same camera specs as the Oneplus 8 and it delivers great photos.

Samsung S10 Lite Camera Samples

Oneplus Nord Camera Samples

In the day time, the photos look good, and the colors are very nice and sharp. During the evening time, you’ll notice the colors are not accurate but it is nothing to worry about.

In low light the Oneplus Nord performance very well, there is visible noise in the photos. The sharpness also gets reduced in low light conditions.

The camera performance between Oneplus Nord vs Samsung S10 Lite, the S10 Lite wins the game.

Battery 4500mAh vs 4115mAh

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite gives you 6.5hrs of screen on time. On Oneplus Nord you get 5.5hrs of screen on time which is less.

The battery life is very good on Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. On top of that Samsung has given you the 25W charger which comes included in the box.

Samsung S10 Lite


The 25W charger takes approximately 60 mins to fully charge the device and it would last you for more than a day.

The 60Hz refresh rate of the Galaxy S10 Lite doesn’t drain the battery faster which is a good thing.

Oneplus Nord has a 4115 mAh battery, and due to the good software optimization, the battery lasts for the entire day.

Oneplus Nord


The 30W WARP charger is really amazing and it takes the phone from 10-50% in just 22 minutes.

It takes 60mins to fully charge the Oneplus Nord with the WARP charger.

Oneplus Nord vs Samsung S10 Lite: Conclusion.

It is very simple to choose between these two devices. If you want optimum performance then you might want to go with the Oneplus Nord.

There are instances where the Oneplus Nord beats the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite despite having a great display and processor.

The Oneplus Nord comes with Snapdragon 765G which is a 5G ready chipset and it also supports the 90Hz refresh rate.

The higher refresh rate is not something that is important in a smartphone but it will help you in the games like PUBG.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite has a slightly higher price tag as compared to the Oneplus Nord and it offers really good features as well.

There are other things as well which felt very unusual with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and that is the plastic back panel.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite comes under the flagship criteria and having a plastic back doesn’t make any sense.

If you want a simpler and more refined user interface and a great display then the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is a great choice. Other than that if you want a good phone which completes all your tasks then Oneplus Nord is a great option for you.

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