Poco X3 vs Poco M2 Pro: Which one is better?

Poco X3 vs Poco M2 Pro, let’s find out which device fits well for your needs and budget.

If you’re confused between these two devices then this article is going to help you to clear that confusion.

Both the devices are running on MIUI 12 and support 6GB of RAM. The real difference is going to be the processor and camera.

The Poco X3 has Snapdragon 732G and Poco M2 Pro has the Snapdragon 720G.

Both the phones come with the Game turbo mode that means both the phones are capable of handling games like PUBG and COD.

Let’s start with the design first.

Poco X3 vs Poco M2 Pro

Both the phones come with the same screen size which is 6.67 inches.

The design is quite similar as well and both the phones look identical to each other.

The camera placements are different on both phones and this is the only factor that separates these devices from each other.

Poco M2 Pro comes with the 209 g and Poco X3 comes with 215.00 grams of weight which is a bit heavier.

Holding these devices for a longer period of time is going to cause fatigue in your hands.

Poco X3 vs Poco M2 Pro camera comparison.

Poco X3 performs better in the camera department and provides better images.

Both phones come with a quad-camera setup.

Poco X3 outputs better images due to its bigger sensor which is Sony IMX 682 64MP and on the other hand, there is the Poco M2 Pro which has a 48 MP.

The selfie camera on the X3 is capable of taking better pictures.

Poco X3 captures better details thanks to its 64MP sensor.

  • The color contrast is a little more with the Poco X3 and the photos look eye-pleasing.
  • The Poco X3 comes with the EIS and it works very well and it supports the 4k 30 FPS as well.
  • We all like taking portrait shots on our phones and with the Poco X3, the camera takes very good portrait shots.
  • The camera properly adjusts the exposure and the edges as well. The background blur looks natural.

Poco X3 camera struggles in low-light conditions and Poco should fix the dynamic range with the next OTA updates.

The Poco M2 Pro comes with a 48MP sensor and 16MP selfie camera.

The 16MP selfie camera can take some nice-looking pictures with excellent details and sharpness.

The night mode and the portrait mode works well in the Poco M2 Pro.

There is a dedicated 48MP mode that takes images in higher resolution but there is no major difference in terms of picture quality.

  • The Daylight shots with the 48MP camera look very vivid and bright.
  • The portrait shots look very nice on this phone. You can get bright-looking portraits with excellent edge detection.
  • The camera performs better in low light conditions but when the light drops further you can see the noise in the pictures.
  • You can switch to the night mode which gives you better details in low light conditions.
  • In the extremely low light situation, it is better to have the night mode turned on.
  • 48MP camera is capable of recording the 4K videos in 30FPS and the video quality looks good.
  • Unfortunately, there is no EIS available for the 4K but you can switch for the 1080P resolution if you need a steady video.
  • The Poco M2 Pro comes with the movie mode with looks very good and it supports the EIS.
  • This Poco phone can also record slow-motion video in 60, 120, 240FPS.

In terms of camera performance, the Poco M2 Pro performs similarly to the Redmi Note 9 Pro.

The camera performs very well in daylight shots, macros, portraits, selfies, and video recording although color reproduction needs some more work.

There is nothing to complain about except the low light experience.


The Poco X3 takes the crown again in terms of performance due to its processor which is Snapdragon 732G.

The Poco M2 Pro comes with the Snapdragon 720G and it is also a capable processor.

Both the processors are built with the 8NM process and come with the 64BIT Octa-Core architecture.

GPU is the same for both phones which is Adreno 618 but the key difference is the clock speed.

The GPU with the Snapdragon 732G is clocked at 900mhz and the GPU with the Snapdragon 720G is clocked at 825mhz.

Snapdragon 732G is slightly better than the Snapdragon 720G.

Gaming Performance.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G gets the upper hand in terms of GPU performance and that is due to its higher clock speed.

But the Poco M2 Pro performs better in games like PUBG and COD.

Yes, there are minor lags that you will encounter on both devices while playing such demanding games.

The real reason behind the lag is the poor software optimization and it can be solved with software updates.

Poco X3 Gaming Performance

Source: Gizmodict

Poco M2 Pro Gaming Performance

Source: Akshay Gaming


Both the phones share some kind of similarity and that is when this article comes to the rescue.

The Poco X3 Vs Poco M2 Pro is a tough comparison to make because of several factors.

On the front, the design is similar to both the phones just the camera placement is different on the back.

The Poco X3 performs better in terms of gaming, camera, and overall performance.

Poco X3 is priced a little higher as compared with the Poco M2 pro but it’s worth it.

Now, if you don’t have the budget to go for the Poco X3 then the Poco M2 Pro would be the best choice for you.

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