LG Wing: First 5G Swivel Smartphone.

Lg is trying a different approach with its new smartphone which is “LG Wing”. We are seeing phones with foldable displays, dual displays, bendable displays, and many more.

To give something new and fresh to the customers LG has now launched the LG wing smartphone which has two displays and it can twist sideways.

LG Wing Specifications.

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The phone feels like normal phones when you look at and it seems like there is nothing special about this phone, but once you hold the device in your hand it feels different. The swivel display is very nice and the mechanism is very addictive because of the spring-loaded activity.

There is a full OLED display and another display that sits below the main display. This particular display setup allows you to do two things at once.

LG is claiming that you can use this mechanism up to 200000 times.

At the bottom of the device, there is a Type-C port for charging and data syncing, a speaker grill, and a microphone. On the right side, there is a power switch and volume rocker. On the left side of the phone, there is a sim tray and it supports nano-sim and micro-SD expandability.

The front-facing camera has a motorized mechanism and it really works well. The motorized camera is helpful when you don’t have any options with such designs.

When you switch the phone into the gimble mode while using the camera it is going to give you some extra software features which are not available on any other smartphone. It also gives you the dual recording functionality which will initiate the selfie camera and it will allow you to record the video and your reaction as well, like taking an interview.

You can use this phone to record your Vlog like a gimble camera.

The main camera has lots of software functionality thanks to the gimble feature. Using a joystick you can pan the camera in whichever direction you want without ever moving your hand. There is a built-in follow mode where you can lock it to a subject and it will help you to smooth out the video composition.

  • The LG Wing comes with some software enhancements as well to better utilize the swivel display. LG wing comes with the functionality called app pairs where you can choose different apps for the displays.
  • You can launch YouTube and chrome both at the same time. This kind of display setup gives you the ability to use two apps at the same time. You can watch YouTube and use another app you want, a pretty useful feature to have. You can use the gallery to scroll across your favorite photos by using the dual-display setup.
  • Lg has optimized the Android operating system which gives you the ability to use these features flawlessly. The software experience is amazing on this phone, you can rotate the phone in any direction you want and it gives you the extra set of features based on the orientation.

While playing games this phone brings some game-specific settings you might want to access in the middle of the game.

In some games, the top section of the phone becomes the in-game map but don’t expect all games to be optimized with this display setup.

LG wing can give you a simple idea of how games can be developed for such unique display designs, think of the PUBG game where you have lots of controls.

There is no information available on the pricing of the LG Wing, but the company says the phone will be available in the US via Verizon at first. AT&T and T-Mobile will follow thereafter. LG adds that pricing, availability, specs, and color options will vary by network.

The fresh new approach to the multiple displays is amazing and with the help of the software support there nothing like this device.

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