Microsoft Surface Duo: View two apps at once.

The hardware looks more promising on the Microsoft Surface Duo and it is so thin and feels like a completely different type of form factor.

The Microsoft surface duo still using last year’s hardware and that’s a negative factor about this phone. The outer part of the phone is made out of glass and it is shiny and thanks to the white you can’t see any fingerprints. On the front of the phone, there is just Microsoft logo no cutouts for cameras. All the buttons are on the right side, the volume rocker, the power button, and a fingerprint reader.

Microsoft Surface Duo Specifications.

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On the inside, you can see the camera and alongside it the earpiece and some hidden ambient light and proximity sensors.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is all about the hinge and it is a 360˚ hinge. The hinge is so smooth and firm at the same time and it can firmly hold itself at any angle.

Microsoft added some magnets inside the Surface Duo and I believe that it should be useful for some other accessories like Microsoft Surface Pen.

The Surface Duo has a battery in both halves of the phone and that sums up to 3577 mAh.

There is no headphone jack available on the Microsoft Surface Duo, no IP rating, no wireless charging and it is priced at $1399.

  • The Microsoft Surface Duo feels more like the first generation Samsung Fold and I hope that Microsoft will change it in the upcoming variant of Surface Duo.
  • The Foldable smartphone category is still evolving and there is potential growth as far as the engineering goes and we will see some fascinating improvements in this segment in the near future.

The Microsoft Surface Duo was designed to function in such a way that it should fold and close considering its thinness and its 4.8 MM thick.

In comparison with the other foldables, this device from Microsoft is so wide and it could make you feel uncomfortable when you’re receiving any calls.

This phone is amazing as far as the design and the build quality goes and with the folding mechanism and the added hinge.

There is only one camera available on this phone and due its 360 degrees hinge it can be used for both selfies as well as video calls.

The Microsoft Surface Duo has an 8.1-inch screen which is divided across with each individual panel being 5.6 inches and between these screens, there is a gap, and it’s very noticeable. If you’re going to use this phone for media consumption then you will be using only one side of the display and if you try to watch the media on both of the screens then that might not look good due to the gap.

If you’re someone who is doing multiple things on their phones then this might be the perfect phone for you and again you have to be careful with this phone as it is not water and dust resistance and it is completely made out of glass.

  • Microsoft showcased how this device can perform in certain situations and it can actually be useful but we have this foldable tech available on the vast majority of devices and people are not willing to adopt this new change yet.
  • There is so much negativity attached to the foldable smartphones and again there is pricing which is huge and it is impacting these devices.
  • When the technology will mature for the foldable devices then it should be less costly to actually use such devices for the masses.

This is the first-gen phone from Microsoft with the foldable display and we are going to see much more in the future.

There are some smartphones available with the same technology and its a long way ahead for the foldable smartphones. The Motorola Razr, Huwaei Mate X, Tcl foldable phones, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are the devices that are available in the current market and they also follow the same design principles.

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