TCL Tri-Fold Foldable Phone

TCL Tri-Fold Foldable Phone is Futuristic.

TCL launched a set of new concept phones and being the concept phones, TCL Tri-Fold Foldable Phone, and Rollable Phone.

We never imagined that folding phones would have something like this, we have got some mixed impressions about these phones, and TCL is working on dozens of these phones. In the future, we will be able to see some cool designs.

2020 is going to be a year of all-new designs for foldable phones, and we are going to see a lot of weird concepts.

Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei are working towards making all-new series of foldable phones. TCL showcased hardware reference design for its rollable and foldable devices.

There is no information on the release date or pricing about these phones, but the company officials said they are working their way towards it; they said the current situation for technology hadn’t matured yet they want their devices to be cheaper. Cheaper than the current foldable phones.

TCL tri-fold Foldable phone.

TCL Tri-Fold Foldable Phone

This concept device folds itself into three layers so it can be used as a phone and a bigger screen and as a full-sized tablet. The TCL Tri-Fold Foldable phone comes with the 2 hinges which let it fold up into 3 layers which makes it flexible phone. The screen folds from a 10-inch tablet into a 6.65-inch phone.

This flex phone has three different segments each has its 6.65-inch display and its battery.

We can use this TCL Tri-Fold Foldable Phone into multiple orientations. It comes with the 3K panel and considering it is a prototype, there is no information about whether this 3K panel will be making its way into the finished version.

TCL Tri-Fold Foldable phone has 2 hinges that make this prototype bulky and heavy and apart from that it is rough to use due to its unfinished software. The trifold comes with the 3 batteries to power the massive display and big metal hinges to support it. It is basically a sandwich of 3 phones, and one thing that is so annoying about this trifold is the phone mode makes it super thick.

The TCL Tri-Fold Foldable Phone is running on android, and the foldable android phone adjusts itself to each screen opening and closing, but the software seems like it needs some work. The operating system is a bit slow and needs some improvements. The software is a complete mess, and we believe that the software user experience will get some significant upgrades making this phone a better device.

TCL’s rollable concept phone

TCL Tri-Fold Foldable Phone

The company said they have the actual working device, but it is stuck in china due to coronavirus.

The highlight of this phone is that this one comes with a rollable display. You might want to call it sliding smartphone.

It has a slide mechanism that lets the display slide outward and inside the phone’s chassis. The entire panel can roll outside to become a larger display letting you use the extra real estate of the screen.

Currently, there is no actual working prototype to be shown, but the company is claiming that they will achieve this feature by putting the motors under the display and it will expand outwards from a 6.75-inch display to a 7.8-inch screen. This rollable feature gives you a double screen space. This concept can be compared with LG’s rollable OLED TV.

One thing to note that this is a concept, not a functional device, and this design helps to avoid current issues of foldable phones. Issues like easily breakable hinges and the crease in the middle of the display.

No information available whether these devices are going to make their way to the actual reality, so you cannot buy these devices as of now.

TCL’s officials mentioned that they are working on three dozen prototypes and will be entering the global phone market with its brand. These devices are running on android OS.

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TCL is experimenting with more devices like these, and it is planning to make it happen by 2021. We have been seeing the conventional design for a decade, and we are sure that this year is going to be different and we will see some awesome new designs and cool gadgets. TCL to launch a traditional phone called the 10 Pro in Us this year.



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