Vivo X50 Pro Price in India, Specifications.

The pandemic isn’t going to stop manufacturers from inventing new tech. Vivo is trying so hard to be in spotlight.

We have to say that Vivo introduced the first phone with a true Bezel-less display, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and a motorized pop-up camera.

Now Vivo has come up with some fascinating camera tech once again which is the world’s first smartphone with Gimbal Camera.

The first thing that you notice is that the phones display. This phone has a 6.56″ 1080p AMOLED display with a fluid 90Hz refresh rate. The phone has a curved display and a punch hole for the selfie camera. The Vivo X50 Pro has smaller bezels than the Oneplus 8 phone.

Vivo X50 Pro Specification.

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How does the Gimble camera work on this device?

The camera setup looks something out of the world, entirely different. It has a 48MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide, 2X zoom, and a 5X optical zoom. The 2X zoom camera is there for taking portraits.

The main camera looks so massive and Vivo calls it the Gimble camera. When you hear the word Gimble you probably thinking about camera stabilizers. Vivo tried to introduce this mechanism to the smartphone world.

  • The main objective of the stabilization mechanism is to make sure that the camera lens is moving as little as possible. There are two ways to address this problem. The first one is the EIS electronic image stabilization.
  • When you’re using EIS your camera zooms on the object and then it uses the extra room that has around the edges to match every frame of the video with the frame before it.
  • The EIS creates the illusion that the camera staying still.
  • The second one is the OIS optical image stabilization and instead of creating the illusion that the camera is still and with the OIS the camera is still.

The OIS mechanism tracks the user’s movements and for example, if you move left the camera will adjust itself in the opposite direction.

  • Vivo is trying to take the OIS mechanism to the next level. The camera doesn’t just shift to the right and left, up and down. The entire camera rotates in a circular motion.
  • The ability to move the camera in such directions is 3 times better than the OIS. When you hit the camera app from that moment onwards the camera starts to show its ability to stay still.

The normal scenarios will not show you the magic that is happening with this mechanism like tilting your phone. The real thing starts with when you start to run with this device.

The EIS works well only in conditions with better lighting conditions. The EIS mechanism won’t work in low light conditions, it will struggle to piece together the frames that are required for stabilization.

The real camera test begins when you’re trying to take the photo in the low light conditions like night mode.

In such situations, you need to hold the phone very still to capture the details. The Vivo X50 Pro holds itself very well in every condition and the result is better photos.

  • The Vivo X50 Pro comes with different dedicated camera styles which is called as Style Modes.

This feature gives you access to the four different modes. Each mode gives you a varied effect in the night mode. Essentially these are just added filters on top of the night mode.

The 8MP ultrawide produces decent pictures, the zoom is better than the flagships on this one. Even at the 5 to 10 times zoom you get nice images.

  • The portrait mode on the selfie camera comes with some effects like rainbow mode.
  • This actually adds a rainbow-like effect to your picture to make it look sunny. The Movie camera mode locks on to a subject and keeps it in the frame all the time. Without moving the phone the camera gets locked up on the object.
  • There are some changes that we wanted in this smartphone and the first thing is the processor of this phone. The upper midrange Snapdragon 765G gives you the optimum performance when needed.
Vivo x50 pro

There is no IP rating for this device and there is no wireless charging either.

This phone has one of the most stable camera on a smartphone. The phone is marketed towards the camera and how the stabilization works on this device. Keep in mind that the stabilization isn’t available for the videos only it helps to photos too.

Vivo X50 Pro Price in India. Vivo X50 Pro price is set at Rs. 49,990 for the 256GB storage variant.

You can buy Vivo X50 Pro (Alpha Grey, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage) at ₹ 49,990.00

Overall the Build quality is great and the display looks brighter and sharper. The impressive thing about this smartphone is that Vivo managed to fit in the 4315mAh battery. With the massive battery and the gimble system, the company managed to keep the thickness at a minimum and that is 8MM. Just like the in-display scanners, the gimble system that Vivo has introduced will be available on every smartphone in the near future.

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