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Poco X2 Review: Is it better for 2021?

poco x2 review
Here is the Poco X2 review. Poco is known for its disruptive pricing with flagship specifications and the Poco X2 comes with a similar promise. Poco X2 was launched in India on February 4, Poco India announced through its social media…

Poco X3 Issues With MIUI 12.

Poco X3 Issues With MIUI 12
The MIUI 12.0.6 update is here and with this update, there are some changes. It seems like Poco fixed some of its software problems. There is nothing to complain about this phone when it comes to the sheer performance of…

Xiaomi Poco X3: True Midrange Champion?

Xiaomi Poco X3
“Poco” is known for its aggressive pricing for their smartphones and better hardware and with this they try to disrupt the market. Similarly, Poco launced their new smartphone which is Poco X3 and the company is claiming flagship like performance.…