Poco X3 Issues With MIUI 12.

The MIUI 12.0.6 update is here and with this update, there are some changes. It seems like Poco fixed some of its software problems.

There is nothing to complain about this phone when it comes to the sheer performance of this Poco phone but there are some MIUI 12 problems that needs to be addressed.

With Poco X3 you get.

  • Full HD+ screen
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 732G
  • 64MP Camera
  • 5160 mAh Battery
  • 33W charging
  • NFC

These features can not be seen in any other smartphone ana this is what makes this phone so special.

Why Poco x3 is bad?

My biggest concern is the MIUI 12 which runs on top of Android 10. Some problems are related to MIUI which creates the Poco X3 lag issue.

There are ads everywhere, you see them while installing an app and you see them while uninstalling an app as well and this is one of the MIUI 12 problems.

You see ads in the preinstalled apps as well and this ruins the user experience with the OS.

The practice of putting ads on such low-cost devices is common and it is mainly to cut the cost.

There are a lot of pre-installed apps available on this phone and you can uninstall them as per your need.

Poco X3 camera problem

The camera disappoints you in a lot of ways. The camera is not capable of taking night mode shots.

There is a bug in the camera app, and some users are complaining about it. MIUI 12 problems with camera can be solved with the software updates.

The selfie camera crashes due to this bug and when you restart the device then only you can click selfies.

The camera doesn’t have any optical image stabilization and in the dark, it can’t keep its shutter open for very long resulting in blurry photos.

Poco marketing their camera system as a flagship 64 MP quad camera.

The real fact is that this phone doesn’t have optical image stabilization and the macro camera and depth camera are actually useless.

HDR photos take a little longer to process. These are Poco X3 issues which are related to the camera.

Poco X3 120hz issue

The scrolling is fine if you go to the right and when you scroll to the Google feed it lags.

When you’re closing an app or when you’re pulling up the multitasking to close the apps it’s not as smooth as it should be.

There is Poco x3 display issue, and some people are complaining about the display and its flickering issue.

The display flickers at the high brightness and the low brightness as well.

The dynamic refresh rate is there and its purpose is to reduce the frame rate to save the battery.

Apps that don’t use a 120Hz refresh rate like Youtube runs on 60Hz but when you close the app, Poco X3 jumps to 120hz and during this, you feel the lag.

This dynamic refresh rate needs to be smoother. All of this comes to the lack of optimization for this Poco X3.

Although the Snapdragon 732G is not built to handle the 120Hz refresh rate and for that you will need a better chipset.

Due to the poor software optimization, you can see frame drops while scrolling through apps.

These are Poco X3 issues which are related to the display.

Is it worth buying Poco x3?

When it comes to the price, Poco produces really nice phones.

Poco X3 is a big phone and it feels heavy too and Poco is rolling out software updates to fix some bugs.

The side-mounted fingerprint scanner is a bit slow.

This upper mid-range chipset delivers a decent gaming experience.

Snapdragon 732G is a capable chip for handling various tasks at a time.

Is Poco X3 NFC a good phone?

As the name suggests this phone comes with an NFC chip and it is very good for file transfer or Google payment.

The build quality is not that great the back panel can be pressed with your fingers. It feels like it has hollow space between the internals and the back panel.

If you like playing songs on your smartphone then the speakers of this phone might disappoint you. While playing a song the speaker vibrates a lot.

The battery is going to last you longer and if you can live with those ads which pop up every now and then this is the best phone you can get under $250.


If you’re a person who doesn’t care about the brand value, regular OS updates, or how heavy the device is then using this phone will not be a problem for you.

These are my responses about the Poco X3 and I feel that this is a great value for money phone.

Poco X3 is a good phone for people who are looking for a budget phone. Poco X3 issues can be solved with the software updates and Poco is working in that direction.

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