Poco F2 Pro Review. Is It A Flagship Killer?

The Pocophone F2 Pro was not launched in the US market but it was available in India and the Philippines.

The US cost for Poco F2 Pro was roughly around $500 and for Philippines it was priced at ₱18,990.

There is a clear case included in the box which is good for the camera bump on the back. Apart from the clear case there is a 30W fast charger which comes bundled with the phone.

Poco F2 Pro Specifications

Pocophone F2 Pro Design

poco f2 pro
Image Source: Pocket-lint

The Poco F2 Pro is a well-built phone, a bit heavier and it’s made of metal and glass which is a great thing.

There is a red accent color for the power button and surprisingly the headphone jack is still there and for the bonus, it has an IR blaster as well.

On top of the phone, there is a pop up camera with a LED notification light. On the back of the phone, there is minimal branding of Poco.

The Pocophone F2 Pro feels premium with the dual glass construction.

In terms of the haptics, the vibration motor is not good enough which is a bit annoying. The haptic feedback from the vibration motor feels more gritty.

This Poco phone’s motor generates one of the most dissatisfying vibrations in a whole lot of Android.

There is a single bottom-firing mono speaker and it provides loud and crisp audio. Surprisingly the single mono speaker doesn’t distort at high volumes.

Poco F2 Pro Display

There is this huge full-screen display which looks amazing. This phone doesn’t have a hole punch or a notch which is a good thing.

For the selfies, there is a pop up camera that helps the display to achieve this 6.6 inches full-screen real estate.

Poco F2 Pro has a 1080P AMOLED flat display that is HDR 10+ certified and it gets a peak brightness of 500 nits.

The display supports 60Hz refresh rate which is not a good thing as compared to other smartphones. No support for 90Hz refresh rate which should have been there with the Snapdragon 865.

The Poco F2 Pro comes with an in-display optical fingerprint scanner and it works just fine.

Display has a small problem though, if you hold your phone to a certain degree you can see a rainbow banding effect.


There is a quad-camera setup on the back of the phone that includes the 64MP main camera which is capable of recording 8K videos.

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Image Source: GSMarena

The 64MP main lens takes decent photos but, photos don’t look sharp or great.

The colors and dynamic range are not that great either and again the low light photos are awful.

Poco F2 Pro also has an ultra-wide camera and the photos taken from this lens looks more softer. The ultra-wide lens serves its purpose with its wider field of view.

There is another 5MP macro camera and a 2MP depth camera. The depth camera is good for portrait shots. For me, the macro camera has no use but this one provides better photos.

Pop up camera has its own uniqueness and there are LEDs on the camera module that can be customized in the settings under the special features section.

You can configure the effects of pop up camera starting from sound effects, and the camera light color.

There is a warning for the overenthusiastic people who would like to play with the selfie camera.

The selfies from the front camera look fine, nothing special about the selfie camera either.

You’ll experience a sudden lag while recording and playing back the 8K video but when you transfer it on your computer for editing purposes it looks fine. I guess it’s a software issue that can be solved with OS updates.


The main aspect of this Poco F2 Pro is the hardware package that comes with this phone.

CPU Performance


Gaming Performance


Poco F2 Pro comes with the Snapdragon 865 which supports 5G and it’s the same processor that is available in the Oneplus 8 Pro.

The MIUI feels laggy even having the Snapdragon 865 and you can experience sudden stutters while scrolling through apps.

AnTuTu 8


Snapdragon 865

There are some extra features like the always-on display, theme selectors and many more.

The MIUI is filled with ads that feels annoying and there are several ways about how to disable these ads.


The battery life is better on this phone and it comes with a 4700 mAh capacity. Battery life on this phone gets a boost because of its 1080p 60Hz display.

Battery life


There is a 30W fast charger that comes included in the box.


If you want a phone that can take great photos then this is not the phone you should be buying.

In that case, you would want to look at the Pixel 3 or iPhone SE. The camera system is useful but it’s not going to give you the best quality images.

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Is the Poco f2 Pro worth it?

The Snapdragon 865 is a good processor and it’s pretty much capable of handling all heavy tasks but due to poor software optimization, the overall experience feels laggy on the Pocofone F2 Pro.

How much is Poco F2 pro in the Philippines?

POCO F2 Pro now priced start from only ₱18,990 in the Philippines.

Is Poco f2 Pro waterproof?

There no wireless charging and no IP water and dust resistance rating.

There will be OS updates from Poco to fix these issues and if you’re looking for a budget phone which has a pop up selfie camera.

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