Poco X2 Review: Is it better for 2021?

Here is the Poco X2 review.

Poco is known for its disruptive pricing with flagship specifications and the Poco X2 comes with a similar promise.

Poco X2 Price in US


Poco X2 Price in India


Poco X2 was launched in India on February 4, Poco India announced through its social media channels on Monday.

Poco X2 Specifications

Lets start with the design of Poco X2

The Poco X2 feels premium and it has a dual-glass design which is a bit heavy.

Poco x2 design

The glass on the back is a fingerprint magnet and you can use a case that comes included in the phone.

The fingerprint scanner is placed in the power button and it unlocks the device very fast.

On top of the phone, you will find an IR blaster that helps handle your home appliances like TV and AC.

On the front of the device, you see a very bright 6.67 inch IPS LCD screen, and it supports the 120Hz refresh rate.

The scrolling through apps and browsing the web feels smooth thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate.

The display is bright enough to be used in direct sunlight.

There are very few apps that takes the advantage of the 120Hz refresh rate which is why you can change the refresh rate to 60Hz to save the battery.


CPU Performance


The Poco X2 comes with the Snapdragon 730 processor, and it handles everything. There are no lags while scrolling through apps or opening and closing apps.

The base variant of Poco X2 comes with 6GB of RAM which handles all the multitasking.

The RAM management is very good on this device, and the MIUI will kill the app if it stays in the background. You can change it in the settings.

MIUI 12 on the Poco X2 feels snappier and there are no issues in terms of the performance.

AnTuTu 8



Battery Performance


It has a 4500mAh battery, and it comes with a 27W fast charger supply that helps the device to charge very fast.

The battery life is very good on the Poco X2 which lasts you about two and half days.

There are no battery draining issues, and even if you’re a heavy user then the battery will last you for about one to half days.


Gaming Performance


The Poco X2 handles games very well and you can play COD without any issues.

The COD doesn’t support the 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate but still, the gameplay is smoother.

There are no lags while playing games like PUBG as well, which is a very demanding game.

The only thing which will bother you while playing games is the speaker.

While playing games, your hand blocks the speaker, and the placement of the speaker is odd.

The Snapdragon 730 gives you a smoother experience while playing demanding games.

Poco claims that they have used liquid cooling but after two sessions of gameplay the phone gets a little warm.


With this device, you get the quad-camera setup, and the main camera is a 64MP sensor IMX686 from Sony.

The image processing on this device is very good and it seems that Xiaomi has taken full advantage of the Sony IMX686 lens.

Apart from the 64MP main camera, there is an 8MP wide-angle lens paired with a 2MP lens for depth and a 2MP lens for macro.

The camera performs very well in all kinds of situations but in the portrait shots, the camera seems to overexpose the background.

The front-facing camera performance is very good even in the portrait bokeh mode.

The image stabilization gets activated by default and you can shoot videos with the wide-angle lens.


The pill shape notch might bother you and I personally don’t like it.

There is no option for a MicroSD card and again the base variant comes with 64GB of storage space which is limiting.

The phone feels a little which is 208 grams and if you use your phone for a longer duration then this is the one reason you must keep in mind.

You can not use this phone with one hand and while typing also you have to use two hands.

The MIUI 12 will give you some unnecessary notifications but on the plus side, there are no ads to be seen.

The screen quality is good on the Poco X2 and the build quality is a lot better than other Poco devices.

The camera performance is amazing on this phone and Xiaomi did a very good job of image processing.

The best thing I liked about this phone is the battery, battery life is very good on the Poco X2. The battery will last you for about two and a half days. I hope you found this Poco x2 review useful.

If you’re looking for a smartphone under 20K then there is no other phone available in this price range that will cover all your needs.

This is Poco X2 review.

One more thing, do not purchase the base variant as it comes with 64GB of storage instead you can purchase the 256GB variant.

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