Common Poco X2 Problems: Should You Buy?

Poco X2 gives you a premium feel when you hold it in your hands, and it comes with very low pricing as well, but there are few Poco X2 problems that you should be aware of before buying this device.

Poco X2 Specifications

Poco X2 Design

The Poco X2 comes with a beautiful dual-glass design, and this is the main reason this phone feels premium.

The side-mounted fingerprint scanner works very well and it unlocks the device very quickly.

There is a hybrid sim slot, and an IR blaster that helps you control your home appliances like TV and AC.

The call quality is very good on Poco X2 and the speaker output is also very loud.

  • There is a bottom-firing speaker that provides clear sound.
  • But there is one problem with this device it feels a little heavier when you hold it for longer durations.
  • You can not use this phone with a single hand, and that is due to its size. The Poco X2 has a screen size of 6.67 inches and weighs 208g.

The glass back attracts fingerprints much quicker, and I would like to suggest you to put a case on it.

The dual selfie camera comes with pill shape cut-out, and the problem is that Poco only made the punch hole for the two cameras.

poco x2 problems

This problem can only be seen in the darker environments like the nighttime, and when you scroll down the notification panel you can see the two dots.

Poco should have used only one camera, and the depth sensor does not provide any significance to the phone.

Poco X2 problems with a 120Hz refresh rate

The 120Hz refresh rate feels very amazing on this phone, especially when you’re scrolling through apps.

120Hz refresh rate gives you smooth animations while opening or closing the apps, but it takes a second or more to open the app.

The Snapdragon 730G is not very capable of handling a 120Hz refresh rate, and this results in sudden lags.

The lag between opening or closing apps contributes to the lack of fluidness.

One more problem which is associated with the 120Hz refresh rate is when you’re multitasking or using the gesture feature on the keyboard you can feel the sudden stutters.

Poco X2 Gaming Performance

There are no issues when it comes to gaming on this phone, but the real problem starts when you play games for longer durations.

The back panel gets warm while playing games, and it can result in the frame drops of the game. But there is no significant Poco x2 heating issue.

Source: AkshayGaming

There are certain frame drops but it will not affect the gaming performance of the device.

One thing to keep in mind before buying this phone and that is if you’re purchasing this phone just for gaming purposes then the 120Hz refresh rate is not going to help you in games.

It seems the Poco X2 is not taking advantage of the 120Hz refresh rate in games like PUBG.

PUBG doesn’t support the extreme frame rates on this device.

Poco X2 Camera Samples

The camera performance is very good on this device, and the main lens is 64MP Sony IMX 686 which performs very well.

Although the wide-angle camera is not that great, and the photo quality is very bad.

The Poco X2 takes good portrait shots, the camera maintains the details on the main subject, and the edge detection is very good.

The background blur seems kind of unnatural in the portrait shots.

The camera provides decent pictures during low light situations, but there is slight noise that gets involved in the shots.

  • The video recording gets a boost due to the EIS, and it supports the 4K recording as well.
  • You can record the 4K 30FPS footage without compromising the quality.

The secondary depth sensor in the selfie camera is not up to the mark.

The background in the portrait shots appears more unnatural on the selfie camera.

I’m very sure that Poco will fix this issue with the software update.

How to remove ads on Poco X2

Actually, there are no ads on this phone but the most annoying thing is that it comes with lots of bloatware.

The bloatware gives you constant notifications but you can turn off these notifications. Again you have to turn off notifications for every app.

To remove the bloatware or any ad that you may encounter on this phone, watch this video which will help you to get rid of them.

The default browser is completely useless, and most of the ads can be seen here. You can use chrome browser or any other browser of your choice.

Poco x2 battery drain

The battery life of the Poco X2 is very good and it comes with 27W fast charging. There are no charging problems in terms of the 27W fast charging.

If you’re using the 120Hz refresh rate constantly then it will impact the battery life.

You can use the 60Hz refresh rate to conserve the battery life, this will easily boost the battery life of the Poco X2.

The battery on the Poco X2 can easily last you about a day, and with the help of a 27W fast charger, the phone takes 65 mins to 100%.

Poco x2 heating issue

The Poco X2 comes with liquid cool technology which keeps the temperature of the phone under control.

The phone does get warm while playing games near the selfie camera, and the back as well, but it is nothing to be worried about.

Poco X2 Pros and Cons


Poco X2 offers a lot of value to its pricing and there are some minor Poco X2 problems in this phone, and most of them can be solved with software updates.

Poco is consistent in providing proper software updates and the Poco X2 problems will get solved with future updates.

The phone X2 covers all the areas starting from gaming and camera. Poco X2 completes all your needs.

Is Poco X2 good or bad?

Poco X2 is a good device and provides everything starting from a good display, better camera and a gaming processor.

Is Poco x2 good for long term use?

Yes, the Poco X3 is a good phone for the long term use and the only lacking feature of this phone is the 5G support.
Overall gaming performance is very good on this phone and it provides better battery backup as well.

What do you think?

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